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Daily life can be seen everywhere in the conventional LED, but also a new innovation. What do you know about the LED? What about the five LED black technology, perhaps beyond your imagination.

2017-09-29 10:57:58 LED TECHNOLOGIES INC. Read

1, the country's first LED face profiled display

In Zhuji City, the town of this small town, the birth of the world's first LED face profiled display! A number of countries of the order after another! This is a display 3 meters high, 1 meter wide 9, composed of 23 , 75 models to do seamless splicing, composed of a LED display face. From the display in terms of words, it will be more vivid and more three-dimensional.

This LED screen display has two national patent technology. As a small minority of high-end products, the advent of a favor by customers. Los Angeles Hollywood club has been installed in the algae town of the mask of the LED, as well as Spain, Barcelona, Japan Okinawa, Germany, Munich, Dubai and other cities have "tasted fresh."

2, it is said that the lamp can be full of brightness work 40 years

Jake Dyson, the son of James Dyson, an inventor and industrial designer in the UK, invented an LED bulb that could last for 40 years. This fixture could be the most intelligent , The cheapest and most environmentally friendly lamps.

Jack Dyson founded Jake Dyson Lighting in 2004, and now the company has become a subsidiary of the Dyson brand. The company only sells two lamps: one is the floor lamp and table lamp CSYS, the other is the ceiling lamp Cu-Beam. These two lamps are LED lights, according to Dyson introduced, they do not work in the phenomenon of overheating, you can use a lifetime.

"Our CSYS lamps and Cu-Beam lamps are equipped with heat transfer tubes that allow the heat emitted by the LED light to travel and spread out into the room, which helps prevent the lamp from overheating and avoid lighting Because of overheating and damage.

Because it will not be damaged because of overheating, it is said that these lamps can work in full brightness for 40 years. And even after 40 years of work, they will not immediately scrapped, they can still work, but the brightness may only about 70% of the original brightness.

3, the sun's surface more than one billion times the "very bright" light bulb

The Independent newspaper, The Independent, reports that the team of scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln intends to produce one of the world's brightest bulbs that emits light over the sun's surface As many as one billion times as many as this unimaginable extremely bright cannon, researchers believe that can be used as a new type of X-ray, can shoot a higher resolution than the traditional high-resolution photos.

University of Nebraska, Lincoln "Extreme Light Laboratory" (Extreme Light Laboratory) developed a light bulb, a beam can be issued nearly a thousand photons, thousands of times the traditional light bulbs.

This light bulb of light bulbs can help the human eye to see more details of the object, can effectively help health care workers, engineers and the practical application of various scientific experts to improve the safety of work.

Traditionally, an electron will only emit a photon at a time, but the light bulb developed by the Extreme Light Laboratory, a beam that can produce nearly a thousand photons, that is, the brightness of a conventional bulb can be improved Thousands of times.

4, play 30 minutes, power supply 3 hours

Jessica is an African-American girl who grew up in the United States, his kind-hearted, compassionate poor people, so he invented a dark and dark children can play and can power the World Cup "> Soccer-Soccket This idea has been amazed by US President Barack Obama.

In fact, this power generation World Cup "football is Jessica designed for children of Africa, a table lamp.".... In fact, nearly 1.3 billion people around the world can not get reliable and stable electricity, accounting for almost one-fifth of the global population. 30 seconds to use Soccket generated by the power, can be 6 watts of LED lights power supply 3 hours!

5, hides in the pocket of the LED disinfection artifact

We all know that the UV lamp is commonly used in our indoor disinfection device, but it is generally fixed on the ceiling, can not carry, but everything is not so fixed.

This portable disinfectant lamp, called Cleanty. It looks like a sterile spray, but it is actually a portable UV LED disinfection lamp.

Cleanty disinfection lamp, completely breaking the UV disinfection lamp is not easy to carry the problem. In daily life, you can use their own items for disinfection, such as mobile phones, headphones, shoes, cups, toothbrushes, razors and other items. When you go out or travel, the small and convenient function, the same can also be hides in his pocket, disinfection more secure.

Cleanty disinfection lamp, in 5 seconds time can kill 90% of the bacteria, 10 seconds sterilization rate is reached 99.9%. Its endurance is also very strong, a single charge to meet the needs of the use of 1 month. To meet the disinfection at the same time, but also intimate at the top set up a flash, so you do not have to take out the phone can also be in the dark environment to obtain lighting, the use of more secure and more convenient.


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